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ASEBP 2015-16 Calendar & Health Planner

2015-2016 ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner Now Available!

Looking for new ways to spruce up your wellness routine or maybe fresh ideas to kick start a new healthy habit? Look no further than the ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner! Every month you’ll find healthful challenges, tips and benefit reminders to assist you on your health journey.

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Staying Healthy this Summer

This month we've got some informative health articles to support your emotional, physical and nutritional well-being. In the For Your Health section we feature an exercise article on the benefits of group activity. There is also a great emotional health article on providing mental health support. Finally there is an informative nutrition article on consuming caffeine.

Be sure to check out For Your Health each month for new content!

My ASEBP's New Drug Inquiry Tool

ASEBP is excited to announce the launch of our new drug inquiry tool that allows you to search any prescription drug you are currently taking or that you and your doctor may be considering. The tool will tell you if the drug is covered under your ASEBP Extended Health Care plan and will provide information about the drug’s common uses, along with other information specific to your ASEBP plan.

Simply log into My ASEBP, go to the "Coverage" tab and then click “Drug Inquiry” to start exploring the new tool, available exclusively to ASEBP covered members! You can read more about the tool in this Frequently Asked Questions document.

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