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Our People, Our Culture

The holistic approach to the work we do fosters an inclusive culture. Best practices have been established to guide staff in how to perform their job responsibilities and enrich the relationships with their co-workers while at work. Building and maintaining contact with not only external clients, but with co-workers, is vital here at ASEBP.

Getting Involved

The best way to enjoy your time at work is by creating friendly relationships with your co-workers. One of the best ways to do this is to become a part of our active, inclusive, and encouraging culture. There is always something going on here at ASEBP, and getting involved is easy:

  • The Fitness team allows you to take action towards a healthier future, whether you’re part of the initiative or participating in activities or using resources coordinated by the committee.
  • The Go Green team is an option for people who want to learn more about environmentally-conscientious choices, or who want share ideas about reducing our carbon footprint. Be proud of how your employer cares takes action and see how small changes can really make a difference!
  • For those who want to contribute to ASEBP’s overall spirit and have some fun with people from other divisions and departments, there is also the Spirit Committee, a group of people who organize celebrations and coordinate other staff activities.

Learn more about our passion for and contribution to the community in the In the Community section.

Work-life Balance

We strive to create an inviting work environment at ASEBP, and part of that is encouraging a work-life balance. If you are able to enjoy quality time away from work, you’ll be able to positively contribute to the work environment; balancing needs is the key to success for both you and for ASEBP.