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ASEBP is a health and welfare trust governed by 10 Trustees, five appointed by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and five appointed by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA).

This unique joint labour-management model was created in the late 1960s to provide the best employee benefits for education workers while taking advantage of pooled resources and shared services to reduce cost. The beneficiaries of the trust, the covered members and their dependants, have been well-served by this approach over the past 40 years.

For more information about our parent bodies, visit their websites:
Alberta School Boards Association Alberta Teachers' Association

The ASEBP Trustees are bound by the Deed of Trust, a document that sets out the terms and conditions under which the ASEBP operates, and outlines the Trustees’ duties and responsibilities. As Trustees, they have legal obligations which require them to exercise diligence when making decisions, giving direction, and delegating power and responsibility.

In general, trustees are held to a high standard – they must be loyal to the interests of the trust, act reasonably and prudently, prevent personal interest from conflicting with those of the trust, not profit from actions taken as a trustee, and be even-handed when faced with competing interests.

Ultimately, the ASEBP Trustees must do what is best for covered members as a group. Balancing coverage and costs is challenging, and the Trustees do their best to maintain that balance, exercising a holistic view and making decisions accordingly. Healthier covered members can better enjoy life at work, making their best contribution to educating Alberta’s students; life at home, with their families and friends; and life well into retirement. The goal is to shift resources, spending more on health and less on illness.

The ASEBP Trustees determine the mission, values, vision and strategic direction for ASEBP. They establish policies that guide administration, determine which benefits and services are provided, set premium rates and are responsible for the plan’s financial health.

Meet the ASEBP Trustees

ASEBP Trustees

Karen Holloway, ASEBP Chair (since January 2014)
ASEBP Trustee January 2008-present
Karen is also an elected School Trustee with Clearview School Division 71
Fred Kreiner, ASEBP Vice Chair (since March 2017)
ASEBP Trustee March 2017-present
Fred is also an Executive Staff Officer, Teacher Welfare, Alberta Teachers’ Association
Gerry Martins, ASEBP Trustee January 2011-present
Gerry is also an elected School Trustee with St. Albert Public School District No. 5565
Drew Chipman, ASEBP Trustee January 2009-present
Drew is also Assistant Superintendent, Corporate Services Foothills School Division 38
Kathy MacIsaac, ASEBP Trustee July 2011-present
Kathy is also Executive Director, Edmonton Catholic Teachers
Doug Lerke, ASEBP Trustee September 2013-present
Doug is also a teacher with Prairie Land Regional Division 25
Christopher Cook, ASEBP Trustee April 2014-present
Christopher is also an elected School Trustee with St. Paul Education Regional Division No. 1
Chad Bowie, ASEBP Trustee September 2012-present
Chad is also a teacher with Fort McMurray Public School District
Heather Tkachuk, ASEBP Trustee March 2017-present
Heather is also Director, Governance & Corporate Services, Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA)
Shirene Napier, ASEBP Trustee September 2014-present
Shirene is also a teacher with Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No. 37

Do you have questions or feedback for the ASEBP Trustees? Send an email to ASEBP.