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Our Services

Health and Disability Management Services

The Health and Disability Management (HDMS) team takes a proactive, holistic approach to coordinating its resources and services. These services promote and sustain strong health and where health is compromised, they assist in the positive management of a disability. HDMS acts as a resource for individuals and school jurisdictions through the development of programs and services that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles and healthy workplaces. When a disability is present, the HDMS team brings together the employer (usually a school jurisdiction), the employee representative (union/association), and health care professionals to support an employee's recovery, rehabilitation, and safe return to work.

The HDMS team has launched a voluntary program, the Healthy Living Program, which provides individuals with their health risk profiles. The program also creates a snapshot of group health, prompting both school jurisdictions and covered members to support a collective health focus.

Another major initiative is Early Intervention, based on employers' and employees' awareness of health in order to promote a proactive approach to injury and illness management. At the same time, it encourages a safe and timely return to work. The goal is to understand the risks that cause illness and injury, and work towards reducing those risks.

Benefit Services

The Benefit Services team is the primary point of contact for all covered members, playing a vital role in anticipating and understanding the needs and expectations of covered members. This team embodies ASEBP’s holistic approach in the delivery of all services and are the resident experts in providing the accurate information covered members need to maximize the benefits of their comprehensive coverage.

In 2009, the Benefits Team answered over 62,000 calls from covered members, and personally served over 1,500 covered members who visited the ASEBP offices.

School Jurisdiction Services

School Jurisdiction Services (SJS) provides a central point of contact for all communications between ASEBP and Alberta school jurisdictions and employee representatives. SJS works with school jurisdictions and employee representatives to share best practices, address any gaps in communications or the provision of service, and collaborate on concerns.

The School Jurisdiction Liaisons are committed to connect with each school jurisdiction at least once per year to discuss topics centered on finance or plan design, and provide a conduit for the school jurisdictions to voice feedback to ASEBP about their benefits.

The School Jurisdiction Coordinators communicate with school jurisdictions on an operational level, and connected with school jurisdictions a total of 3,568 times last year.