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Early Retiree Benefits

Click here to view the Early Retiree Benefits online guide, or click the book icon in the right-side blue bar.

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) provides you the opportunity to continue your ASEBP benefits coverage (excluding Extended Disability Benefits) into early retirement and until you turn 65 years of age. Continuing your ASEBP benefits into your retirement allows you to:

  • enjoy the same great benefits coverage you've come to know and expect from a leader in the benefits field
  • use direct billing at the pharmacy counter so you do not pay out-of-pocket for covered prescription drugs
  • keep your benefits cost-effective because, as a not-for-profit trust, ASEBP keeps its premiums as low as possible

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to submit your Early Retiree Benefits Coverage Application form to your employer prior to the start of your retirement. Your employer will then complete their portion of the application form and submit it to ASEBP on your behalf.

For more information about coverage details and how to apply, please review the online Benefit Guide using the link provided on the right side of the page.

Package Information:

Early Retiree Package 1

This package lets you continue to participate in all the ASEBP benefits and applicable coverage status (family or single coverage), in effect immediately before your retirement. Early retirement benefits exclude Extended Disability Benefits. Your premiums will continue to be calculated using current rates for your employer (excluding EDB benefits), except that you will now be responsible for paying for them.

Early Retiree Package 2

Only available to Early Retirees who retired prior to September 1, 2011 and chose Package 2.

Click here for details on Package 2

If you have any questions, contact an ASEBP Benefit Specialist.