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Health Spending Accounts

Click here to view the Health Spending Account online benefit guide, or click the book icon in the right-side blue bar.

Your Health Spending Account (HSA) is a tax-effective, flexible complement to your regular group benefit plan, providing you with an additional choice for managing your health-related expenses.

Essentially your HSA works like a bank account. Your employee group and employer determine the amount of annual HSA credits per employee. The amount, in the form of credits, is calculated in the same way for every employee - either as a percentage of salary, a flat amount per employee, or a combination of both. Credits are allocated to you on a predetermined schedule set by your employer. These credits can then be used to reimburse health-related expenses incurred by you, your spouse, or your eligible dependants.

Please be aware that not all employee groups have an HSA. If you are not sure whether you have an HSA, refer to your ASEBP ID card or contact your school jurisdiction.

If you have an HSA, it is also important to note that ASEBP simply administers your HSA on your employer's behalf.

For more information about HSAs, click the Benefit Guide link on the right.