Vision Care Benefit Guide

Coverage Summary

Vision Care is designed to provide coverage of expenses incurred for vision care only. In order for an expense to be covered, it must be:

  • for treatment as prescribed by a Vision Care professional (i.e., registered ophthalmologist, registered optometrist or registered optician)
  • eligible for coverage under the specific ASEBP plan you are enrolled in

Non-Emergency Goods and Services Outside Canada

Eligible Vision Care supplies and services are covered if obtained outside Canada. Service providers must have proper qualifications for services rendered to be eligible for payment. Covered members are encouraged to ensure providers are licensed, etc.

Payments are made in accordance to plan maximums/limitations in place at the time services were rendered/supplies purchased.

Maximum Benefit

All ASEBP Vision Care plans have maximums which provide a designated amount of money in a rolling two-year period (measured from the current date) for each covered person. Coverage under the Vision Care plan is not based on a calendar year basis.

For example, if you purchased a pair of eyeglasses on April 1, 2010, for $400, a portion of that expense would be paid through your Vision Care coverage, and you would not be able to claim again until April 1, 2012 (two years from the date of the purchase date).

View a more detailed example of how the rolling two-year period works with Vision Care.

Family Coverage

Vision Care benefit coverage is available for you and your dependants. For a definition of a dependant and information about enrolling a dependant, visit the Coverage for Your Dependants section.

Accidental Vision Claims

If the vision claim is the result of an accident, you may be eligible for reimbursement under your Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

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