Health Spending Account Guide

Expense Eligibility

For Group Health/Dental Plan Expenses

If a medical expense qualifies as an eligible claim through a group health, dental or vision care plan, then it is eligible under your HSA. The majority of medical expenses that qualify for an HSA fall under this category.

Other Medical Expenses

Other medical expenses may qualify for your HSA plan.

Since Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decides what expenses are eligible under an HSA, and since the eligibility of claims is based on personal taxation and health status, ASEBP is not in a position to confirm whether your claims of this nature are allowable under CRA rules and guidelines.

The CRA has published a list of general expenses that are eligible. Click here to view this list.

ASEBP will reject claims for expenses that are non-health related. If your claim is unique in nature and you are unsure whether it is eligible, we advise you to contact your tax advisor.