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Claim Forms

Claim forms are linked in the left side menu.

Claim forms must be fully completed and have the original signature of the covered member to be processed. If any required information is missing, ASEBP will return the claim form to you for completion. This will delay processing and payment.

All receipts and claim forms must be submitted in English.

There may be additional claims processing requirements. Please refer to the applicable benefit guide for more information.

Completed claim forms should be mailed to:

Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan
Allendale Centre East
Suite 301, 6104-104 Street NW
Edmonton AB T6H 2K7

Claims must be received by ASEBP within 18 months of the date the expense is incurred. Claims for expenses that are more than 18 months old will not be paid.

Upon receipt in our office, routine claims are processed within 5-7 business days.