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Common Questions - General

1 How do I make changes to my ASEBP Identification card?

ASEBP ID cards will be generated for you each time your employer notifies ASEBP of changes to your last name, dependants (including spouse), or benefit coverage. You should receive your ASEBP ID card within 7-10 days of such notification. If you do not receive your card within this time, contact your employer.

You will receive two copies of your ID card (even if you only have single coverage). You can request additional cards by contacting ASEBP.

2 Having trouble properly viewing information on My ASEBP?

Maybe it's your browser! In order to properly access My ASEBP and all of its functionality, you will need at least Internet Explorer 8 or the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or any other browser installed on your computer.

To upgrade your browser, use the links provided below.

Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 15 or higher
Google Chrome 22 or higher
Safari 5 or higher
Opera 11 or higher