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A   B   D   E   G   I   L   M   P   S   T   


ASEBP's drug benefit list

A list of drugs eligible for coverage under ASEBP’s Extended Health Care plan. This is a dynamic list with changes made daily as new products become available, other products are taken off the market, etc.

Acute medication

A drug used to treat a short-term condition.

ASEBP Mobile
ASEBP’s mobile app for Apple and Android devices, available on the App Store and Google Play.
A confidential, online personal health management tool, available to ASEBP covered members by logging into their My ASEBP account.


A patented prescription drug manufactured by a pharmaceutical company under a particular name. May also be called a "reference product" or "innovator product".


Dispensing fee
The pharmacy’s charge to prepare a drug for sale and counsel a patient about effectively using it.


Early refill limitation
The soonest you can refill your prescription on the ASEBP Extended Health Care plan; the date when it is estimated you will have used 70% of a prescription.


A type of prescription drug that is a copy of a brand name product. May also be called "subsequent entry" drugs. These drugs have been declared bioequivalent by Health Canada.


Interchangeable drug

A drug that has the same active ingredient(s), strength and dosage as the originally prescribed (often brand name) drug.


Least cost alternative (LCA)

When an interchangeable drug can be used to fill your prescription, we'll pay the least price for your drug claim. An interchangeable drug - often a cheaper generic one - has the same active ingredient(s), strength and dosage as the originally prescribed (often brand name) drug.


Maintenance medication

Maintenance medications are often prescribed to patients with chronic health conditions or as an ongoing prescription that can be managed on a long term basis.

Maintenance drug management practice
A program that encourages the dispensing of longer supplies of prescription drugs that are usually taken to manage a chronic health condition.


Preferred alternative
A preferred alternative is a drug which is considered preferred by the plan because it provides better value with similar safety and effectiveness as other drugs in the same pharmaceutical class.


Step therapy
A program that promotes the use of safer, less expensive “first-line” drugs before “second-line” drugs are eligible for reimbursement under ASEBP’s Extended Health Care plan.

A group of cholesterol-lowering drugs including atorvastatin, fluvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, rosuvastatin and simvastatin.

Special authorization
Certain prescription drugs, as indicated on the ASEBP Drug Benefit List, require special authorization based on an in-depth clinical review before being covered under the Extended Health Care plan.


Therapeutic Alternative Reference Pricing
Therapeutic Alternative Reference Pricing (TARP) allows benefit plans to offer equally safe and effective alternatives for medications treating specific health conditions while managing pharmaceutical costs.