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Maintenance Medications

Maintenance medications are often prescribed to patients with chronic health conditions or as an ongoing prescription that can be managed on a long term basis. In these cases, there is a low likelihood your dosage will change, and the medication is usually taken continuously over a long period of time.

Medications that fall within the following nine drug classes are considered maintenance medications by ASEBP. The following constitute the maintenance medication list.

Anti-hypertensive agents

Anti-diabetic agents




Hormone replacement therapy

Anti-hyperlipidemic agents

Thyroid agents

Medications for overactive bladder


In addition to establishing nine categories of maintenance medications that form ASEBP’s maintenance medication list, the program sets the number of dispensing fees allowed to be paid by your plan within a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) to a maximum of five. This change supports you to fill a three-month’s supply of your medication at one time—lessening the risk of missing doses between fills—and provides you, as a member of the ASEBP plan, with a safe, simple and affordable way to help keep the plan comprehensive and sustainable over the long term.

If you choose to have each of your maintenance medication prescriptions filled more than five times within the year, after your fifth prescription fill, while the drug will continue to be covered by your plan, you will be responsible to pay the dispensing fee out-of-pocket. Your pharmacy is notified at the time of your prescription fill that you have a limited number of dispensing fee events per calendar year. This information is provided to enable you to take appropriate action to avoid additional out of pocket expenses. Note that in Alberta, dispensing fees (per prescription fill) can be up to $12.30.

Updated: August 25, 2016