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Step Therapy Program

Effective January 1, 2011, ASEBP introduced the Step Therapy Program. The Program was implemented for a small number of prescription drugs covered under ASEBP’s Extended Health Care (EHC) plan.

Step Therapy promotes the use of "first-line" drugs, which are considered to be safer and less expensive, before a "second-line" drug is eligible for reimbursement under ASEBP’s EHC plan. In cases where the first-line drugs have been deemed not effective or may have caused adverse reactions, the second-line drugs will be available. Second-line drugs will also be available to those covered members with other medical conditions that may interact negatively with the first-line drugs.

ASEBP values the health of its covered members, and therefore believes Step Therapy will continue to be beneficial to both the health of the covered member and the health of the plan.

Updated: January 7, 2014